Rossella Ruggeri

Rossella Ruggeri, COO, BiCE Group

Rossella is the granddaughter of Beatrice Ruggeri, daughter of Roberto Ruggeri and, along with her brother Raffaele, the third generation of BiCE restaurateurs. She grew up in Italy for the first decade of her life, inheriting the Italian culture of hospitality as she spent many childhood days in the restaurants where her parents and family worked.

In 1988, Rossella’s family moved to Los Angeles, California to open the second BiCE restaurant location in the United States after the great success of BiCE’s opening in New York City. In Los Angeles, Rossella had the great pleasure of learning how to adapt to the world’s many different cultures as she had the opportunity to meet people from all over the globe.

While in high school, Rossella started working in one of the BiCE establishments. Knowing that the hospitality business would be her profession, she wanted to get first-hand experience in a successful, real-world restaurant. After learning all different aspects of the fine dining industry, Rossella eventually took a leave of absence in order to create a family of her own.

In 2013, as her kids got older, Rossella went back to work collaborating with her brother Raffaele around all aspects of BiCE Group. As COO and shareholder, she focuses on a diverse range of business demands, from establishing positive and healthy connections with potential new partners to creating and initiating different business models to connecting with the employees and customers to ensure a beautiful, productive and harmonious atmosphere. Rossella continues the Ruggeri family custom of delivering exceptional service with unmatched passion as she works hand-in-hand with Raffaele to grow the BiCE brand worldwide.

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