Roberto Ruggeri

Roberto Ruggeri, Founder & Chairman, BiCE Group

Roberto Ruggeri was born in Tuscany, Italy and grew up in Milan as his mother Beatrice moved there to open the first BiCE Ristorante. He did most of his schooling in Italy until his college years when he got the opportunity to go to Switzerland and then England to further his studies. Once finished, he fully immerged himself in all aspects of the restaurant business. Starting as a dishwasher, he worked his way up to cooking until he eventually became the chef. After a couple of years, he moved to the dining room to learn all the different positions until he was given the responsibility to run the place alongside with his older brother.

During those years, the two Ruggeri brothers decided to open the second BiCE Restaurant location in Sardinia, Italy, which was one of the most elite vacation places of its time and where much of the world’s high society members were spending their summer vacations. This gave Roberto a taste of the international high-end lifestyle and pushed him to search for new restaurant opportunities outside of Italy.

In 1988, he decided to take the plunge and move to the United States to open his first international BiCE Restaurant in New York City. Success there was quickly followed with multiple additional restaurant openings around the world, including Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo. Known for creating an exquisite and elegant franchising product that can be successfully recreated in the global marketplace, Roberto has earned his place as one of the top Italian restaurateurs on the planet.

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