About The BiCE Group

We have been dedicated to creating fine Italian dining experiences since 1926. Read more about our family history here.


Beatrice Ruggeri

The matriarch of the Ruggeri family and the inspiration for the restaurants that carry her name was Beatrice Ruggeri, known to everyone as Bice. Born in Tuscany in 1901, Beatrice Mungai grew up in Chiesina Uzzanese, west of Florence, near Montecatini …

Roberto Ruggeri

Founder & Chairman

Roberto Ruggeri was born in Tuscany Italy, and grew up in Milan as his mother Beatrice moved there to open the first BiCE Ristorante…

Raffaele Ruggeri


From the age of seven, Raffaele Ruggeri spent Sundays with his father and grandmother in their restaurant in Milan. At the age of 15, the family moved to Los Angeles, and he very quickly decided that he wanted to learn every aspect of the restaurant…

Rossella Ruggeri


Rossella is the granddaughter of Beatrice Ruggeri who was the founder of BiCE Restaurant in Milan. She grew up in Italy, inheriting the Italian culture of the hospitality business…


This is just a handful of awards BiCE restaurants have received. The list keeps growing!

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